Believe it or not, finding the right reseller hosting provider is not easy. This has been a difficult and heart-aching journey. You would think that I would be spoiled in choices, but in fact, after a long search, which took about 6 weeks. There was only one!

I made the brave decision to leave the shared hosting world and take on a “Reseller” account, this means I can pose as a hosting company, as well as build websites. I am not looking to become the next Gadaddy or 1and1 by making this move, but I thought it was time to automate a few systems, including service ordering, support and invoicing.

It has been almost a month since I moved all my sites, thankfully, so far so good. No major problems, or hiccups. There was the usual re-adjustments, but the support team has been reliable so far, and we got thru setting all my sites. The most important features i was looking for are: Daily backup for each Cpanel account, WHMCS free license, chat support, at least 20 Cpanel accounts for my budget, and also I realised that in order to make my life easier, I decided to find a reseller hosting company that can also provide technical support my end-users. On this last feature, it came down to two options, one company in the US and the other in the UK.

I tried about 5 or 6 providers, including Brixly, which were really good and came with very reliable support team. I also tried Inmotion Hosting, which had great price for the package I was getting. Oh, it worth giving a shout out to SiteGround, my former hosting provider, unfortunately they do not offer Reseller Hosting. So I was sad to leave, but if you need good reliable shared hosting plans, you should give them a go.

In case you are wondering why I had to make sure I got this decision right, I provide Website Support and Maintenance for a number of small business here in the UK and abroad, mainly France and Spain. So as you can imagine, making sure I find the right partner means less hassle for me in the long term, and my clients stay happy.

Finally I can reveal that the company I decide to go with is EZPZ Hosting. Now, if you google them, you will probably find mixed reviews, but as the only provider who can give me all the tools I need, I was in a way forced to try them. And as I mentioned above, so far so good. Like any marriage, you need to work on it, and communication is key!

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