Coronavirus: Every business needs a website

coronavirus Aug 06, 2020

We all know that eventually every business will go online. This year, Coronavirus has accelerated this endeavour a little faster than expected.

Now more than ever, the small business owner should think about their online presence. Every consumer is now used to ‘Googling’ just about anything. Together with a paid search campaign, your business is likely to see a surge in enquiries and sales.

My business income is steady, why should I care about being online

The objective its to prepare for the near future. Only 10 years ago Social media had very little influce, today society can not imagine itself to exisist with out it. Be prepared for what is to come and, if you dont compete online today, its possible that you will become irrerelant tomorrow.

What should every small business do

Every small business owner should think about making their presence online in order to grow and prosper in to the future; the bare minimum is a basic website that contains information about the services and the location. Social Media channels should also be considered in order to keep your customers up-to-date and harness new followers.

How much should I spend

This is indeed one of the most asked questions for small business owners. My answer is always the same; Around 20% to 40% of your annual marketing budget. A minimum of 3K a year for a business that generates around 75K per annum. More is better if you can afford it. Remember, this is an investment in to your growth, not an expense.

What are the benefits of spending online

The main benefit is to compete effectively in your space. If you are one of 10 businesess that provides a service in your area, and the other 9 are online and you are not. You become irrelevant. Most of my customer report up to 40% of increase in new sales once they activate a paid search campaign. You are more likely to attract new customer from further a field. This all adds up to a sustainable and prsperous future.

How do I get started

We invite you to a free no obligation consultation with us. Fill in the CONTACT FORM and tell us about your business and in return we can propose a digital roadmap that will see your business grow and prosper in to the future.