Why should I update my website design?

design Oct 07, 2018

If you are in the process of deciding if its time to update website design. Here a list of 6 points to consider.

1. Accessible on mobile device

The majority of traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. So your website design should be optimised to fit the devices like smartphones and tables.
If your business website doesn’t work on mobile devices your prospective customers will find one that does. Responsive design is a recent technology that makes your website work flawlessly on all devices by automatically adjusting to each device.

2. Loading speed

Today’s consumer is so used having high speed internet, which comes hand in hand with expecting websites to load quickly. There is a stats that says for every second your website loads slower, you loose x number of visitors or customer who could have potential see / bought, registered or what ever other conversion target you have. So speed is a serious issue, if it takes longer than 3 seconds to loads, you know what you have to do!

3. Security

From my experience, customers don’t really consider security as an important factor. But its so is. They only come running when something goes wrong. wrong! Prevention is key and Google knows if your site is weak in security or if your website has been compromised. It will tell the person searching that your site has been hacked. That is an obvious negative for your business. Re-designing your website give you the opportunity to re-build with security in mind!

4. Optimal Design

Another subconscious factor, or in some cases very conscious factor, depending on the person of course, is the actual design of your websites. Internet visitors are judgemental, they will judge your ‘book by its cover’. No mercy! just ask ten people you know to give you honest feedback by taking a look at your company’s website and answer a simple question: ‘does the website design look good or out-dated?’ the answer should speak it self.

5. Generate sales or leads

Again, you might be wondering why I am not generating enough sales or even just leads, people sending you questions and asking about your service or product? The answer is simple, the design of your website may not be setup with Actions button! Do your website visitors have clear instructions as to what they should do if interested? Is the Buy button or Contact us link clear in view? Changing the design and layout position of such buttons could make a huge difference

6. Re-branding

Not the most common reason but yes, if you are re-branding, or re-launching your company, re-designing is a must. And with this opportunity comes the possibility of doing things right. Build a mew website with your customer in mind. Take surveys and get feedback from your target audience.

Whatever the conclusion, at some point every business has to re-design or upgrade their website, to include new factors and to integrate new features. We are here to help you succeed because at the heart of our methods is reliable and honest customer service. If you have any question, or would like to discuss re-designing your website Contact me and I will help in the best we I can.