How can I renew my domain name?

domain Oct 31, 2017

Most websites take a lot of dedication and hard work to build, particularly if it’s a business, so it’s very important to check when you need to renew your domain name and make sure you protect your website’s future. You won’t lose your site overnight though. If you don’t renew your domain before its expiry date, the site will remain live for a short period of time. It will then go into suspended status 30 days after expiry before ultimately being cancelled around 90 days after expiry (or 60 days after it’s been suspended). And don’t forget that any associated email addresses linked to that domain will also stop working.

Your registrar should be in touch with you in the run up to renewal, giving you plenty of time to renew, but it’s always worth looking into it yourself too and making a note of when you need to renew your domain. How do I renew my domain name? Renewing your domain is a simple process between you and your registrar (the retailer that you purchased your domain from).

They will probably email you before your registration is due to let you know what you need to do to renew and keep your domain name. If you haven’t heard from your registrar, but have heard from Nominet (the company who manage all UK domain names) that you need to renew, then you should still get in touch firstly with your registrar. If you’re not sure who your registrar is then just pop your details into the box above and we can let you know. If you don’t know when your registration is due for renewal then you can also find out here. Simply enter your domain name into the box above and we’ll let you know when your domain is due for renewal.

We’ll also confirm who your registrar is in case you have forgotten. When can I renew my registration? You can renew your registration at anytime before the expiry date. You need to do this with your registrar so check with them to see how early they will allow you to renew. What happens if I don’t renew my registration? If you don’t renew your registration then you will eventually lose your domain name, which means your website won’t be available and your email addresses won’t work. Initially your website will be suspended, and later cancelled. If your site is for business, this will impact:

How your customers find you (and not your competitors)
How your customers contact you (instead of your competitors)

Online tools and sites that you use for business using your registered email address

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