webmaster left and got locked out?

access Nov 13, 2018

Having a webmaster, handling your web hosting, website management and technical support, is as you probably know, very important to maintain your website secure and up to date. However, sometime disagreement can happen, and no matter who is at fault, you – the client should always have the access codes to your domain name, website files and associated resources.

You should always ask your webmaster to email you up to date access codes for the following services;

  • Domain name: Have the username and password to your domain name registrar. this allow you to make changes to that domain, such as pointing it at a different hosting server or even transferring it to another registrar.
  • Hosting provider: Again, make sure you have the username and password to your hosting account. From here you can access and manage all other hosting server resources including FTP, SSH and email access (if hosted in your server).
  • Email Admin: This is usually in the same server as the website hosting provider account. If not, then its most likely to be hosted seperately. One such example is Google Business email hosting. You will  need the admin account access. If you did not get access to the email admin, you may be able to re-route future emails to another email hosting server, but you will not get access to the historial emails.
  • Web application: Such as WordPress usernames and passwords for admin account.

It is also prudent, and in my opinion reasonable, to request from the webmaster the latest access codes, so you can login and change them, before releasing the final payment to the departing webmaster. Because ultimatly theose services are paid by you – the client, and this means that you are the owner of those resources.

In our case, it is our policy to send you: the client, new access codes as and when they changes, as this often happens for securty reasons. If your webmaster is about to leave or has recently left, and you are not sure what to do, please dont hesitate to contact us for free advice on a matter like this.