Do website maintenance myself or get Professional support?

cons Aug 12, 2019

Like most small business owners, I too, like to save money in business areas where I feel I can do it myself. for example, I do most of my book-keeping and admin work, I go out-there and source talent when needed. I even prepare my own lunch! So the point being discussed here on this blog articles is; Doing it myself vs Professional support?

Do website maintenance myself or get Professional support?

For the basic tasks it’s possible to do it yourself without  technical knowledge. However, there are a few tasks which does require experience in web development.

To properly assess this, we first have to remind ourselves what is Website or WordPress Maintenance:
WordPress maintenance involves taking care of all your critical website application systems including core updates, security and backup, on regularly basis to ensure that your website keeps running in good health.
Here are some of the common tasks that form part of ongoing WordPress maintenance:

Updates: WordPress core updates, theme updates and plugin updates
Backups: Database and files. Also test that the backups do work incase of disaster
Security: Virus scans, malware checks, live security monitoring.
Site Performance: Checkin the site loads at an optimal speed
Spam: Delete comments and other form input spam
Hosting Server: Making sure all server software and applications are up to date
SEO: On-page technical SEO for existing and new content published on the site.

Here are a few of the pros and cons.

– Save Money, you probably will save around 50 pounds a month for basic maintenance contract
– Learn new skills, and discover the ins and outs of the web application and related systems
– Multiple times, while most providers update your system once a month, you can do it as many times as you like
– Keep it in-house, not having to deal with yet another 3rd party provider who promises the world and lacks in delivery

– Time consuming, taking valuable time you can devote to growing your business
– Something going wrong, causing damage that will cost you dearly to fix
– Technical limitations, you can learn so much from youtube and blogs, but you can only go so far, then there is a the complicated stuff
– Speed of recovery, while doing it yourself might take time, a pro will get things sorted in no-time
– Speed and availability, you have gone on holiday and your website goes down! who is there to back you up?
– Cross-benefiting, while you will do a good enough job, experts fixing a problem on another customer’s site, can take preventive measures on your website

Whatever you decide at the end, just remember that your website is your prime external “company image” to the public. Invest wisely and this could make all the difference in helping you business grow. If you ever need any technical advice, you can always contact us, without any obligation, and we will try our best to offer you free and honest advice. [email protected]