Cost prespective: A website is similar to a car

car Feb 04, 2019

In the effors to clarify costs relating to website design, development and production, I have attempted to draw direct comparison between a car and a website

The engine, which is equivelant to the programming language or the CMS. The website design, which is equivelant to the chassi and the body of a car. And, the web hosting or the server, which is equivelant to the road, wheel and the tarmac.

If you have ever wondered why does a website cost so much? or you might find yourself asking; why does the same spec website costs different from one web developer to another? This artcile should answer some of these questions.

Unlike conventional products or some services, in my opinion, there is no global reference to follow when it comes to undertanding or justifying a quote from different providers. Each agency or web developer will most likely, try to match pricing with their nearest rivals, but only if it makes business sense. The most importnat points to consider, when creating a quote, for website design or other related web development and maintenace service, are as follow:

The worth of time
Every agency or web developer will have set a value for their time and energy. There are indeed many factors that play a part. For us when setting a value for our time, we take in to consideration the method we use, the level of focus and intensity we apply, and also the emtional investment in the process.

Overheads and expenses
This is pretty clear, however each organisation has different amount of costs and expenses related to delivering a service. Efficiency plays a huge part in shaping this value. In other words, if the agency is big, and the employees are many, then the overheads will naturally be greater than working with a independent web developer who has a home office.

Again, straighforward to understand, yet the actual numbers can vary depending on the level of confidence that exists in the relationship between the provider and the customer. Sometimes or often, when the relationship is new, the contingency is higher to compensate for the lack of confidence. As the relationshiop grows, the contingency should normaly decrease.

If you allow me to continue using the analogy with cars, as you can appreciate, the quality of design, material used, and the level of traning by the person putting all the parts together, all have a major impact on the finished product and and the lifespan of the vehicle. So does a website; The programming language used, the server settings and the visual style applied to building a website, all contribute to the impression and judgment potential website visitors have on the website and the life span of its existence. Keeping in mind that people nowadays are quick to make judgements on your business based on the website, even before reading the content about your amazing achievements.

For you the customer, accepeting the advice of a website consultant requieres a leap of faith. Knowing fulll well that if the advcie is wrong, it could badly backfire on the company which is very risky for the external image of the company or brand. That is why, that once that trust is built between the two parties, the actually cost of a job is no longer that important. Because the customer is confident in getting good results, even if the price is higher than others, it’s worth the investment.

As a consequence of this, I invite you to built trust with us at no financial risk. Let us manage your website for 3 months without risking a penny, and at the end of the trial period, we promise to earn your trust, or you can just walk away. Please quote offer code: MANAGE-R3 when you contact us